Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bako backdrops


Chellese said...

Hello, hello.
I'm a wannabe photographer. Just wondering what camera/lens you are using? I like your railroad shots. Also, are you using Photoshop CS3 or some other editing program? Oh, and another question, where do you learn your photography "stuff." Are you taking classes, books, mags, friends, other? I was hoping to be mentored by my fav kid photographer but got shot down due to living too nearby. Ugh.

Skinner Family said...

Are you in the business yet????? I know of a girl who for sure needs a brand, brand new newborn shoot in Feb., and may need a maternity shoot in January. Have you ever done these before? Are you interested? Where can I find price lists, etc.
Oh, that girl happens to be me. Just let me know.