Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A "get the kids out of the house for a picnic because they've been cooped up all day and driving me crazy" event.

Char Char looks especially happy to be participating here.


Annie said...

I love how BLUE everything looks. Are those eyes for realz?

Carol said...

Em, I totally forget to look at your photo link very often. I LOVE the ones taken Sunday, especially the 3 boys together and Char's blue eyes are crazy cute. The series on 9/28--my favorite is the sepia of Jack with his legs crossed. The mood of the picture is really good and his face is so sweet. I also like the way you fuzz/not focus the background. Very nice.

Vanessa said...

Do you use an editing program to make the colors pop so much? I absolutely love the blues in this set of pix. Great job!

Jenny ESP said...

LOVE the fence ones! The disappearing perspective line looks super cool(<--does that makes sense? don't know how to express it.)